Capacity Building
Open Times: 8am and 04:30pm
Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre

Capacity Building

PCST has supported extensive teaching and training initiatives at QECH, in the Southern Region and beyond in the period 2011-2016. The current step now is ensuring that those trained are practicing and offer palliative care services. In 2017-2022 PCST has shifted its focus as it continues to provide training but also engage in leadership skill development and mentorship of those trained. Following ground work in 2011-2016 period, PCST continues collaboration with the
Department of Family Medicine at COM to ensure successful delivery of the new BSc Palliative Care programme. PCST is supporting the clinics to become specialist rather than 
generalist placement sites, recognizing that there are very few places for health workers to be exposed to children’s palliative care in practice.

In summary, our capacity focuses on the following aspect:
We train health care workers from different  health institutions. 
Clinical placement
 After trainings they come for Clinical Placement to acquire practical experience. These are health care workers who have undergone five day training as well as medical and nursing students.
We help health care workers from different health institutions starting to provide palliative care services. 
A follow up activity on the progress and success of the program. .

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