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Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre

Much of the success behind developing palliative care in and around Blantyre relies on the development and maintenance of local, national and international partnerships. Locally we work with Ministry of Health (Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and various district level services) and the College of Medicine. Nationally we work with the Palliative Care Association of Malawi and other regulatory bodies such as Central Medical Stores and the Pharmacy, Medicine and Poisons board as well as other palliative care services providers. Internationally we are mentored by Hospice Africa, Uganda as well as receiving financial support from a variety of donors.

International Partners

I. ICCO – Cooperation

This is a Dutch organization that has been in existence for almost 50 years now. The organization’s goal has been to fight poverty and injustice. ICCO – Cooperation has partnered with PCST in the project called “Continuum of Care for vulnerable children needing palliative care in Malawi”. ICCO provides financial and technical support to this project. For more information about the strategic plan for ICCO – Cooperation, please visit their website www.icco-international.com

II. True Colours Trust

True Colours Trust is a UK based organization which is dedicated to working toward the improvement of lives of children with disability and those with palliative care needs. PCST has been a beneficially of True Colours Trust’s support that has seen the implementation of the first phase of STEP UP Project under PCST. Further to that, True Colours Trust has been providing core budget support for Tiyanjane clinic and Umodzi children palliative care clinic. For more information on True Colours Trust work, please visit the website www.truecolourstrust.org.uk

III. EMMS – International

EMMS international works in Malawi, India and Nepal to help people have access to good quality and dignified health care. PCST has partnered with EMMS to upgrade palliative care services to tertiary level using APCA standards. EMMS is also working with PCST to provide a needs assessment study on learning needs in palliative care for Malawi. EMMS with PCST have plans to work toward developing a multidisciplinary Centre of Excellency of learning for palliative care providers. For more information on EMMS international’s work, please visit www.emms.org

IV. Other Partners

African Palliative Care Association (www.africanpalliativecare.org )
Help the Hospice UK (www.helpthehospices.org.uk)

Local Partners

Palliative Care Association Of Malawi (PACAM) – www.palliativecareassociationofmalawi.org
Mulanje Mission Hospital – www.mmh.org
Nkhoma Mission Hospital – www.nkhomahospital.org
Ndi Moyo palliative care trust – www.ndimoyo.org

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